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Gulabjamun / Kalajamun Making Machine (Automatic & Semi Automatic)

Our Automatic & Semi automatic Gulabjamun / Kalajamun making machines should be the best choice for the sweets shops and restaurants those who make these sweets on daily basis in bulk quantity for their customers. You can avoid all hassle making the roundel ready to frying and deepening into the sugar syrup. With one machine, you make Gulabjamun, Kalajamun, Paantua or similar sweets.

Automatic Gulabjamun Making Machine

Semi-automatic Gulabjamun Making Machine

  • No need to get down Kadai from Burner Bhatti for giving reverse and forward movement to Kadai
  • No need to stir the pieces in the oil. It will stir by itself
  • 500-600 pieces can be fried at a time
  • Uniform color is obtained for each piece
  • Gulabjamun, Kalajamun, Paantua can be fried by independent lot
  • Products will be very soft and spongy when taken out of syrup post frying

Automatic process of
Gulabjamun Making Machine

Semi-automatic process of
Gulabjamun Making Machine